Ultimate travel guide to Da Nang – Vietnam

Ultimate travel guide to Da Nang – Vietnam

What to eat in Da Nang, where to go, what to play, where we stay? is always a question for every visitor to this coastal city. Currently, there is two main way to travel to Da Nang City:

 (1) travel package tours, travel companies will provide full package transportation (air ticket, car), meals food, guide services and accommodation,

(2) self-travel, passengers will set their own travel schedules, buy air tickets, find themselves sleeping.

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What is the best time to travel to Da Nang?

There is certainly no complete answer to this question, as each type of weather has its own characteristics that give visitors different experiences. However, in general, the appropriate time to travel Danang is from early April to September with the characteristics of cool air, moderate humidity, sea breezes are very convenient for fun activities. Visit the beach in Da Nang, such as bathing, Ba Na cable car, visiting pagodas, Ngu Hanh Son Mountain as well as enjoying beer, seafood dishes in Da Nang.

How can I go to Da Nang?

There are three main options to Da Nang for you to choose:

  • Coming to Danang by plane:

Currently there are 3 airlines to Da Nang (depart from both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City):

– Vietnam Airlines: Good service quality, almost no cancellation, no delaying

– VietJetAir: Aircraft change the appearance of Vietnam, leaving more than 5 flights per day from Ho Chi Minh City has more than 7 flights / day. Very often there are promotions.

– Jetstar: Cheap airline comes from Australia with reasonable price + quality guaranteed.

  • Coming to Danang by Train:

Da Nang train station located in the heart of the city should be very convenient for travel. Many people choose this option when traveling to Da Nang because of reasonable price as well as absolute safety for tourists. Train tickets are also very cheap depending on the seat you choose, fares range from 300,000 – 1.2 million from Ha Noi City/ Ho Chi Minh city to Da Nang.

  • Travel to Da Nang By Bus

It takes you around 18 hours from Ha Noi/ Ho Chi Minh To Da Nang and cost around 250.000 – 400.000 đồng.

The famous tourist attractions in Da Nang

  • Visiting Hoi An ancient town:

Hoi An was once the most crowded commercial of South East Asia in the South, so retain the unique features of the architecture of an ancient city. This is the favorite destination of many tourists both domestically and internationally.

Stroll along the pedestrian streets, admire the old houses preserved over hundreds of years, enjoy the scenic river, stretching on the beach of Dai, and especially the rich food experience. as the Quang noodle, eat high floor, pancake … is the experience can not be ignored when coming to this land.

The ancient dynasty of the ancient city of Hue, the lively bustle of Da Nang and the antiquated antiquities of the time of Hoi An combined into a trip to three features typical of the central strip of land.

  • Enjoy the beach at Lang Co beach:

One of the most beautiful beaches in Central Vietnam, located between the two major tourist cities, is a destination not to be missed when visiting Hue and Da Nang. Lying on the side of the white sand dunes, in harmony with the blue of the forest, Lang Co Beach is located 30km from the center of the city, between a branch of the Truong Son Range.

Come to Lang Co to enjoy the fresh air, clear water and shake off the noise in the city. And experience the pleasures of fishing, scuba diving, trekking, jungle or visit some beautiful sights such as Chan May, Lang Co fishing village near the beach is nothing to enjoy.

  • Cu Lao Cham island:

About 15 km from Cua Dai Beach. This is a biosphere reserve of the world consists of islands off the East Sea 12 miles from Hoi An. Cu Lao Cham with its rich vegetation system and cool climate, visitors come here to explore the diversity of rich fauna and flora in the sea. When you come here you will have the opportunity to enjoy the cuisine from the specialty: stone crabs, wild vegetables …

  •  My Khe beach:

Known for its smooth white sand stretching over 900m, the peaceful sea waves are surrounded by coconut palms. This is also the beach chosen by Forbes magazine as one of the most attractive beaches on the planet …. Here you will be immersed in the fresh air with fine white sand, calm waves. And enjoy the cuisine with seafood specialties such as shrimp, crabs, fish, squid, seafood, abalone …

  •  Son Tra Peninsula

Located 10 km east of the city center, this place is considered as the “green lung” of Danang. Come to Son Tra, you will be participating in many exciting activities when visiting the sites such as exploring Son Tra old forest, swimming at My Khe beach, Bai beach, fishing with fishermen, snorkeling with coral reefs….

  • Marble – Ngu Hanh Son

Admire the beauty of 5 tops: Kim Son, Moc Son, Thuy Son, Hoa Son and Tho Son. Located about 8 km south of Ngu Hanh Son with fanciful space, with the combination of caves, pagoda sound of temple bell, waves … There will be difficult to forget this destination.

  • Bà Nà Hills

 This is one of the destinations that any visitors to visit Da Nang once come here. Here you will see clear weather all four seasons in one day: Spring – lower – autumn – winter. In addition, with the overall architecture in French style attractive and full of attractions, Ba Na sure will be an attractive tourist attractions in Da Nang that you should not ignore.

Transportation in Da Nang city

  • Bus

Da Nang has a good public transport system, and buses are built to meet the needs of the people and tourists. This is probably the most suitable way to visit Danang without knowing the road, as well as with the best cost. This is a guide for Da Nang tourists when connecting most of the main tourist sites in Da Nang.

Take a Taxi with the friendly fun guy

Taking a taxi is always the most convenient option (it will be more cost effective to follow a group of friends, family), especially in Da Nang with an open culture, the driver usually cum duty also. Guide the first lane visitors to the coastal city of Da Nang.

  • Xich lô – traditional transport in Vietnam.

This is the most popular means to choose the city of Da Nang at sunset. The cost varies between 150,000 – 200,000 VND per trip.

  • Cruise on the Han River.

By boat, visitors can visit Cu Lao Cham, walk around Danang Bay, enjoy the unique art items in the Han River along the Danang Bay.

  • Self-drive car rental

As the group of travelers You can rent a 4 seater, 7 seater or even 16 seater (but be sure to have a driver’s license to rent a car) to freely explore the coastal city as well as travel to nearby locations. as Hoi An, Hue an extremely convenient and autonomous /

What to eat in the coastal city?

  • Enjoy Tea on Trinh Music at Bodhidharma Tea Thất Bồ Đề Đạt Ma tea.

Nestled in the alleyway: 36/17 Pham Van Nghi, near the center of Da Nang city, Quan Bo Tea with a rustic decoration, in harmony with nature but no less luxurious. At tea shop, just sipping a cup of tea on your hands while relaxing on the music Trinh music will wake up all your senses.

  • Salad of fish in the dish by the list of diners in Da Nang – “Nam O” fish salad – Gỏi cá Nam Ô

Nam Ong is a on “must place” that has always been a must for every traveler when traveling in Da Nang. It is easy to add, but few people dare to try this dish because it is made from raw fish combined with fish sauce is boiled, mixed with Nam Oo sauce, chili, flour, monosodium glutamate Individually for salad. Vegetables and vegetables are very diverse and special, are young shoots of forest tops, cardiopulmonary, pruritus, leaves..

One of the most famous places to enjoy this dish is Thanh Huong salad fish located at 1029, Nguyen Luong Bang street, Lien Chieu district.

  • “Ram” rolls

The name is not very strange to the people and tourists. The food is very good, in the rainy afternoon, go to work, you stop and stop at a small restaurant on the road, call the roll up the food is really delicious. The aroma of ram and spicy, the concentration of refreshing taste great to make anyone happy to have a taste.

  • Mì Quảng – Quang noddle

Quang noodle is famous dish of Da Nang (formerly Quang Nam province of Quang Nam – the origin of Quang noodles). The thick, quite hard and big are a feature of the Quang noodle. Quang noodle is very diversified: noodle rib soup, noodle fish soup, crab noodle soup … but most of them are Quang noodle, chicken, egg and meat. In particular, the indispensable ingredient of Quang noodle is roasted peanuts and crispy sesame rice cake. Noodle is dry

Món Quảng quán Restaurant (add: 40 Le Dinh Duong, Hai Chau District Da Nang.)

is one of the most famous Quang restaurant in Da Nang. The restaurant gathers a variety of dishes including specialties are the folk food of Quang people such as Quang noodles, fish noodles, duck cakes, pancakes, fish noodles, tuna noodles, moon cake filter, castings, …

  • Rice pager with port – banh trang thit heo

It does not require sophisticated processing, which is simple and easy to eat. Barbecued pork rolls in Da Nang famous for its carefully selected ingredients, prerequisites for perfect taste. With pork pieces only lean or lean, then steamed to keep sweet. Vegetables are eaten easy to find, but must be fresh green, do not wilt including salad, scallions, herbs, white bananas, bitter vegetables, basil,  prices, cucumber…

  • What to buy as gifts

COOPMART supermarket Da Nang

  • You can go shopping at: COOPMART Da Nang Supermarket is designed civilized, modern combination with various types of commercial services to best serve the shopping needs of consumers Da Nang and is a great place for tourists to visit Da Nang.

Han Market

Han has a long history, born in the 1940s of the last century, when Han market is only a spontaneous trading of a group of people. But with the advantage of road transport, waterway helps Han market increasingly developed and gradually become a large market. According to this trend, some Chinese and Vietnamese merchants built around the market a busy commercial area with grocery stores, gold, silver, medicine ….

Và còn rất nhiều địa điểm hiện đại và nổi tiếng tại đà nẵng mà du khách nên ghé qua thăm quan, mua sắm như Trung tâm thương mại Danang Square – “Chợ hiện đại” đầu tiên tại Đà Nẵng, khu mua sắm chợ Cồn Đà Nẵng, các shop vải, shop tranh tại Đà Nẵng.

And there are many modern and famous places in Danang that tourists should visit, shopping as Danang Square Trade Center – the first “Fair” in Da Nang, shopping area of Con Da Nang Market, the shop cloth, shop painting in Da Nang

Where to stay in Da Nang?

Depending on the budget as well as demand, passengers can go to small hotels, cheap guest houses, cheap motel with airy air or to the luxurious 3 * 4 * hotels. There are some good place that you should note on your travel note: Haya Hotel, Memory Hostel, Homestay in Da Nang

Memory Hostel: This is one of the most unique nostalgic guesthouses in Da Nang City, overlooking the Han River and Dragon Bridge. Double room rate is 400k ~ $18/ day. Triple room 500k~$22, room for 4 people about 600k. Address: 03 Tran Quoc Toan street, Phuoc Ninh, Da Nang city. Tel: 0511 3747 797

The Corner Homestay 20 Nguyen Phuc Tan , Minh An, Hội An, Việt Nam – less than 100m to night market and walking distance to old town. Located at the small and quiet lane. Worth!

Relax Garden Boutique Villa Hoi An – 20 Tran Quoc Toan ,Hoi An, – is a wonderful stay! The room was large, tastefully decorated, very comfortable bed and had a view of a side garden which was lovely. The grounds and gardens were beautiful and a dip in the pool by the garden was a nice relief on a warm day. The hosts go out of there way to ensure that you have a good stay and assist in any bookings and arrangements you may need. They are, additionally, a lovely family. Highly recommended.

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How to travel to Da Nang/Hoi An for below $200

How to travel to Da Nang/Hoi An for below $200

Da Nang – Hoi An is considered to be the hottest place this summer that young, backpackers, travelers always aspire to be a visit. If you are thinking about Da Nang and want to save money, be lowest paying but still ensure the criteria of “good food – sleep – beautiful shot” then try to schedule self-catering with your team 4 days 3 nights only 145$ ~ 3 million dong per person!

Transportation from Ho Chi Minh or Ha Noi to Da Nang

When you want to backpack Da Nang, you should hunt tickets cheaper than a month before going. Often airlines such as JetStar or Vietjet Air have promotions with extremely low prices. You should check the return ticket 50$/ person can be booked. Remember to buy before the long journey to be got cheaper price. And you should set up a team of about 4 people, just be sure to save all the expenses when sharing out offline!

Transportation in Da Nang City

Taxis are the most expensive transport around here. Renting a motorbike is the “way” of Danang and very cheap. You can hire one for 120,000-150,000 dong ($5-$7 USD) a day! If you don’t feel comfortable driving yourself, you can use the Grab type service but on the back of a motorbike.
I case the taxi using should be brand Vinasune or Mai Linh taxi. There will be disaster if you use the other brand. Below I would like to share to you few good renting motorbike you can call to book the motorbike with a cheap paying.

Renting cheap motorbike in Da Nang City
1 – Renting motorbike Duong Khue 0905.30.40.50
2 – Le Truong company – 0981.331.331,
3 – Anh Tuan Motorbike company – 0905.70.80.90,
4 – Dang Khoa company – 0981.227.227,
5 – Da Nang renting service – 0988.000.835 – 0988.000.875
Those companies will send the motorbike to your Hotel or The Air port so that you will not worry about pick up and send back the motorbike it is very convenience for your traveling.

Good and reasonable price Hotel Hostel, Homesstay in Da Nang

There are some good place that you should note on your travel note: Haya Hotel, Memory Hostel, Homestay in Da Nang

– Memory Hostel: This is one of the most unique nostalgic guesthouses in Da Nang City, overlooking the Han River and Dragon Bridge. Double room rate is 400k ~ $18/ day. Triple room 500k~$22, room for 4 people about 600k. Address: 03 Tran Quoc Toan street, Phuoc Ninh, Da Nang city. Tel: 0511 3747 797

– The Corner Homestay – 20 Nguyen Phuc Tan , Minh An, Hội An, Việt Nam – less than 100m to night market and walking distance to old town. Located at the small and quiet lane. Worth!

Relax Garden Boutique Villa Hoi An – 20 Tran Quoc Toan ,Hoi An, – is a wonderful stay! The room was large, tastefully decorated, very comfortable bed and had a view of a side garden which was lovely. The grounds and gardens were beautiful and a dip in the pool by the garden was a nice relief on a warm day. The hosts go out of there way to ensure that you have a good stay and assist in any bookings and arrangements you may need. They are, additionally, a lovely family. Highly recommended.

what is the place for traveling in Da Nang

Those place here will bring you to travel in Da Nang
– Biển Đông Park
– Dragon Bridge
– Bà Nà Hills
– Sơn Trà Peninsula
– Hải Vân Pass
– Hội An Old  Town
– An Bàng beach

Da Nang Special Meal
– Quán Vân – Bún mắm thịt quay ở hẻm k23/14 đường Trần kế Xương
– Quán bánh xèo Bà Dưỡng – ĐC: K280/23, đường Hoàng Diệu, P. Bình Hiên, Q. Hải Châu, TP. Đà Nẵng
– Mì Quảng số 1A đường Hải Phòng
– Bún chả cá gia truyền tại địa chỉ 109 Nguyễn Chí Thanh, Q. Hải Châu
– Bún bò Huế Bà Thương nằm tại số 23 đường Trần Quốc Toản
– Quán hải sản Beo (ngã 3 Lê Đức Thọ với Hoàng Sa)
– Bánh mì Phượng – 2B Phan Chu Trinh, TP. Hội An
– Phở Tùng gia truyền tại địa chỉ 51/7 Phan Chu Trinh.
– Cao lầu Bà Bé

Below is our plan in Da Nang – Hoi an 4 days and 3 night
Day 1 in Da Nang city.
If check-in flight 11:40 P.M, then 13:00 P.M you are present at the airport (flight time may depend on the weather again). At the airport, you can pick up your rented motorbike (call before you leave). Or you can rent a motorbike at the hotel you stay in. 4 people hire 2 motorcycles for 3 days at 720k ~ $ 35 (120k~ $12 / car / day). Adding gasoline around 150K ~ $7 for 3 days in Da Nang City
On the way to the hotel, you should visit Van eating meat noodles in the alley k23 / 14 Tran Tri Xuong. This shop is famous for cheap. Menu price range 15k-28k ~ $1. Four people eat four bowls of 100k ~ $5 is full.
Finish the drive to check-in the Memory Hostel. This hotel is close to the Dragon Bridge, the area is bustling and many eateries. Nice view, friendly staff and cute. Private room for 4 people is 600k~ 28$ / night.Before this trip, When I was traveling with my wife we used the Hoa Nang Hotel the cost would be $18/day which is near the beach.

Rest 3:30 P.M you run to the East Sea Park play, available “paparazzi” with beautiful pigeons. This park is at the end of Pham Van Dong Street, Phuoc My Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City
In the afternoon you go back to the hotel to bathe, 7:00 pm night pull together to eat. To Da Nang is to enjoy pancakes and rolls at Ba Ngoi pancake restaurant – Address: K280 / 23, Hoang Dieu Street, Binh Hien Ward, Hai Chau Dist. Danang.

The food here is delicious and the price is also affordable. Nem is only 5k $0.25 per tree. Group of 4 people eating 200k is overfull. Eating finished pulling the bridge play love and photography memories.
Love Bridge is located right at the bridge of Dragon, Tran Hung Dao Street, Son Tra District is quite famous and many couples find the lock and lock so the evening should be crowded. You can watch the Dragon Bridge at night also beautiful shimmering again.
Love to see the Dragon Bridge finished, back to the hotel. Before returning to the hotel, you can visit the food street at Bach Dang Street (next to the hotel). You can visit Coconut Ben Tre coconut milk, coconut milk, caramel coconut milk, … Each item is only 30k ~ $1.2, 4 people cost about 120k ~ $6. After Eating we will go back to the Hotel rest for next day.

Day 2 in Da Nang

Next day there will be great when you will start day with breakfast by Noddle ( Mỳ Quảng specialist food in Đà Nẵng and Hoi An ) at Hai Phong. Noodles here are delicious, there are many types of shrimp, pork, chicken, eggs for you to choose.
Price for a bowl from 25k – 40k ~ $1-2. If you eat a special bowl, it costs 160k / 4 people. Then you will visit Ba Na Hills around 8h30 AM. On the way to Ba Na, there is a supermarket. You should buy food with water. On Ba Na Hills, one meal is quite expensive. Supermarkets buy about 200k for 4 lunch people are ok.
Ticket price of Ba Na Hills is 550k / person ~ $25. If you go to the old wax and wine cellar again, add 140k ~ $7/ more!
Na Hills has a lot of beautiful scenes, determine the shot to full memory card with “enough capital” the amount of tickets to visit and then go home.
After Visiting Ba Na Hills back to the hotel for a little rest, afternoon bathing and then go to eat BÚN ( this is one kind of noddle at 109 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Hai Chau District. If you in Vietnam enough of time you will know that Vietnamese food is a lot of kind of noddle. Might be we do like noddle 
This shop has more than 40 years experience, quite famous in Da Nang. Small bowl only 20k, especially bowl 30k. You should call special bowl, eat full, spend 4 bowl is 120k / 4 people.
Have eaten, then you can move along Bach Dang street to find a cafe sitting eight stories and watching the Han River. Some cafés on Bach Dang River view beautiful Han River as: Café Café, Cafe Tab, …
After cofeDrinking you will see the Han River Bridge. This bridge is very nice night, a little wind and back to the hotel to sleep.

Date 3 in Da nang Trip
Breakfast with Bún bò Huế ( Noddle ) Bà Thương brand at 23 Tran Quoc Toan street.
This shop is more than 20 years, each bowl ranges from 25k – 45k. The shop is very crowded, fast all, if you want to eat you should enlist early. After eating at 8h30 go along the sea Hoang Sa to check-in Linh Ung Pagoda – Beach and then Son Tra Peninsula sightseeing, taking pictures.
Then run up to the top of the mountain name “ Ban Co “ and there are many trees centuries old.
Then we will have lunch at Beo seafood restaurant (Le Duc Tho crossing with Hoang Sa). The seafood here is delicious and cheap. Just about 700k ~ $35 for 4 people can eat full your belly.
You will check out the hotel and find out the the nearest gas station added more gasoline 100k ~ $5 vehicles. Because we will move the new place so that it should be new hotel for you. In case you want to stay in Da Nang and enjoy more days in Da Nang you should not check out.
If you are healthy enough you can explore each other Hai Van pass. Afternoon scene at Hai Van Pass is very beautiful, up here cool, sightseeing is wonderful. Do not forget to “hunt” some unique photos again you guys.
Then we moved to Da Nang and directly to Hoi An. Hoi An is only 30km away from Da Nang, so motorbikes are more than 30 minutes away.
There will be your best choice if you take “Bread Phượng” – this is the best Bread in Hoi An Town the price within 10K – 35K ~ $1-2/ bread.
The Corner Homestay – 20 Nguyen Phuc Tan , Minh An, Hoi An, Viet Nam. The hotel has a swimming pool, pavement in front of the hotel for walking, the back of La Hoi Road for motorbike. Room 4 people 500k is also quite okay. Location is near the old town should always be convenient for sightseeing, and go round at night.
Check-in the room, wash the clothes to go around the old town, move to the other side of the bridge to go to the night market, drop lights, take pictures of the type and then visit the chicken restaurant at No. 22 Phan Chu Trinh.
Continue to explore Hoi An at night, you can enjoy more ice cream and tea in the old town again! Rest at the hotel to sleep.

Date 4 in Da Nang
Trying the best to get up ealier as you can, you rent a bike to explore the old town, only 20k ~ $1 / unit. You can have breakfast at the traditional PHỞ Tung Restaurant at 51/7 Phan Chu Trinh. After breakfast, you should go back to the hotel for motorbike to go to An Bang beach. This beach is very beautiful, spoiled for bathing beach.
Back to the hotel, take a bath and finish check out the hotel. Drive to the market on Tran Phu street to enjoy CAO LAU at Ba Be shop.
Eat finished go to Da Nang to discover more Da Nang. You can enjoy some more snacks here. Afternoon transfer to the airport to return to the airport and check-in flight to return to Saigon.
Activity / 4 persons Amount (USD)
Ticket price $200
Memory Hostel – 2 nights $60
Ba Na Hills tickets $110
Bicycle hiring $4
Eating Date 1 $20
Eating Date 2 $30
Eating Date 3 $55
Eating Date 4 $25
Total $126/person.

To bet better trip you should prepare your schedule trip as booking the tickets, and hotel. Hopefully, these sharing will support your trip. Further question, please let comments as below